Adult love doll 163cm Sarah67 jelly breast Skinny Sex Doll


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  1. Say hello to our gal, standing tall at 163cm. With her big eyes peeking out from the wig shown in the picture (or any wig you choose), her curvy body and big bust, she’s a sight for sore eyes. And that white dress? Perfectly complements her cute face. You’ll feel like you’ve got a real girl right there with you.
  2. Looking for some limitless fun? She’s your girl. She won’t make a fuss about any position and she’s all about those intense moments, no complaints. Got a big ego? No problem, she can handle it.
  3. She’s got a TPE head and a TPE body, always ready to calm your restless soul and spark that fiery passion within you. So go ahead, show her what you’re made of.

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